Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Finished my lanscape painting! First I painted my canvas totally orange. Then I painted the blue sky all the way down along with the clouds. Then I did the dark trees, afterwards going in with the highlighting of the trees and reflecting of the water. I am giving this to my mother for Christmas:) !!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Clay pot!

For this clay pot I first the clay through a slab roller, flattening the clay out. After that I molded it over an upsidown bowl, smothing it out as I did this. Then I carved in a design and traced it in red clay. Then once I was done with the design it was put in the kiln to dry. In this picture it shows me glazing the pot, after this it will be put in the pot and become glossy. I am giving this pot to my dad for Christmas:) (if you were wondering [which you weren't])

Still life

This still life was a little dificult for me. Its hard to draw glass because you really have to look at the highlights and the colors shining through it. Also for the flowers and the vase, I originally had it looking more light, but it was hard to tell the depth of it. After darkening the shadows it looked more realistic. I decided not to color in the background but after this picture was taken I made a corner more light, adding a highlight and shadows. I also added a table under the still life display. I am giving this picture to my mom for Christmas:) (incase you were wondering)