Friday, October 25, 2013

Time as an Element: Party till you drop


The facebook post says "Crazy party at the Guenther's last night"

    Some of my ideas for Time as an Element was to make a time machine, take pictures of places I went during my day, and to recreate a picture. 
     I chose to recreate a picture of my sister and I  from  when we were little. This concept has been done over and over so I wanted to make it original by having similar posing with the same people (grown up of course), but I also wanted to modernize it. 
    I demonstrated Time in my work by the use of photography capturing the same people in the same poses yet the photos look very different because the scenery and people changed over time. 
    I chose to use photography as my medium because it could most accurately portray the recreated photo.  By using photography I could download the modern picture to facebook.

     I used photography and photoshop in this project. I first I took the recreated picture of Gabby and I and I made sure it was as close to the first picture as I wanted. Then to display the two pictures the way they would have been displayed in their time period I did the following: 

-original picture: Put it in an old picture frame (how pictures used to be displayed)
-recreated picture: downloaded it to Facebook and displayed it on my iPad. (how pictures are now displayed)
     The concept of this project is to show how photogpraphs used to be shared and how that has changed drastically over time. Photographs used to always be physical but usually now they dont even get printed they are displayed over Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more photo sharing sites. In the future will we not have picture frames around our house at all?


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Intertextuality:Crossing the yellow brick road

  Some of my ideas while making this piece was: Rondald Mcdonald on a scale eating veggies, a can of beans with the Chicago Bean in it, and Mickey mouse with a gun. I chose to do a cross walk sign with Dorothy and The Tin Man. By just adding a few small images to the cross walk sign (the ruby shoes, Tin Man's heart, Tin hat, and the yellow bricks) I changed the message of the cross walk sign. It went from a regular cross walk sign's meaning: to watch out for pedestrians crossing the street, to a different kind of cross walk sign's meaning: to watch out for the characters of The Wizard of Oz when they cross the Yellow brick road
  I used a wood board and cut it into the shape of a cross walk sign. I painted this board yellow with yellow enamel to make it have a shiny finish like a normal cross walk sign. For the crosswalk people I made a stencil and spray painted them black. I used a stencil technique for this piece. For this technique I had to use sticks to hold down the part of the stencil that I was spray painting to make sure there were no fuzzy lines. 

   The risk I took was I spent so much time making my cross walk sign accurate before I spray painted the Dorothy shoes and Tin hat on it so taking that step was a big risk in case I made a mistake on the sign and had to start over. I used technique with the accurate cross walk sign and stencil making and spray painting. I also used concept in my piece from turning it from one message to a completely different meaning with the use just a few small images.