Monday, December 2, 2013

The colorful skeleton: layering

     Some of my ideas for this layering project was to layer shapes and tissue paper, a collage or layers of acrylic paint and layering many spray painted stencils, layering organic material like leaves, layering coins, painting silhoetts on a canvas, layers of ink from stamps, layers of pictures of noses. I decided on drawing a skeleton and transferring the color of  tissue paper on it.
I drew this skeleton first with pencil and then with a fine tip sharpie.
     Then I cut the tissue paper into strips and layed them individually down on the paper. I made a mixture of water and glue and brushed this mixture over the strips on the peice of paper. Then I took the stips off and the color or the tissue paper was left.
      Next I painted the skeleton with white paint making sure the skeleton was still transparent.
     By doing all of the different layers of tissue paper color I lost the skeleton so I went over the skeleton with a thicker sharpie. I contemplated for a long time doing something else with this piece. I wanted to add some 'drips' using a mixture of elmers glue and acrylic paint. I realized that this wouldn't add anything substantial so I left it. But I added my signature in the bottom right corner with this mixture.

    I used no specific pattern or technique for layering the tissue paper. By this I am saying no matter what kind of 'layers' we have on, in the end aren't we all skeletons?
Just something to think about :)

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  1. Great Idea i used it in my Competition and i won the proze ! 8)